Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Midas.dll and COM+ applications deployment issues

It is a known fact that Midas.dll needs to be registered before installing/registering a COM+ ActiveX Library under COM+, when deploying an ActiveX library written with Delphi, right?
Well... something interesting that I discovered this week: DON'T register a Midas.dll version 10.x (from BDS 2006 installation). Use a lower version - I'm using my D6 dll.
If you use version 10.x it will be registered without any errors, but when you try to install the ActiveX Library, boooom!!! You will get a "Error loading type library" error, as Midas.dll was not registered at all.
After ActiveX Library installation/registration, Midas.dll can be even deleted (If you are linking with MidasLib.dcu), as usual.

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