Monday, March 5, 2012

Modifying Intraweb Patches

Today I received a message from a blog reader, pointing that my patches were not compiling under more recent versions of Delphi, specially Delphi 2010. Really, I haven't checked D2010 compatibility before releasing my code. The problem is not in IntrawebPatch.pas but inside my modified RtlVclOptimize.pas (from Andreas Hausladen). Trying to compile it under Delphi XE2, for instance, showed me that it has many incompatibilities...
So, I decided to create a new patching mechanism. It is not original, but my own version of CodeRedirect, based on Chau Chee Yang TCodeRedirect (his work is also based on Andreas Hausladen, I guess).
This code was tested with BDS 2006 and XE2, and IW 10 and XI but should work with other versions as well.

The downloads

You can download a zip file containing IntrawebPatch.pas, CodeRedirect.pas and other required files here.


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