Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Mr. Delphi Hater should be called Mr. Dumbass Hater

Mr. Hater is a well known Delphi-related FUD spreader. From times to times some colleague or friend send me a link pointing to one of his infamous posts.
Mr. "dumbass" Hater pretends to be some kind of Delphi user defender, some kind of Batman of the Delphi community, but he turned out to be more like the Jokerman. His correspondents from the north pole, Atlantis and Bermuda triangle always send him "hot" information that he "generously" shares with us poor mortals. Unfortunately, he don't have a clue about most of the things that he intends to review or analyze. I think that positive criticisms are necessary, but what he does has nothing to do with it.

The last post that I read was this: http://delphihaters.blogspot.de/2013/01/delphi-hidden-settings.html

Some options are really funny, I must admit. The funnier part though is that Mr. Dumbass didn't publish my genuine question/comment about IntraWeb. All that I asked him was:

1) Provide me a test case where an IntraWeb application uses 2 Gb of memory without any explanation and without memory leaks caused by user code.

2) Provide me a test case where an IntraWeb application can't handle Unicode by default (HTML rendering/uploaded and downloaded file names/whatever)

3) Provide me a test case where an IntraWeb application takes forever to render a page (no need to take forever though. Just more than expected and I would be satisfied)

I'm not asking much from such a programming guru, right? But the comment wasn't approved by Mr. D. Can't you find/create such examples, Mr. D?

Another genuine question, Mr. D:
Why someone that keeps spreading FUD in the dark has a MODERATED blog??? You are blogging anonymously, so why do you want me to identify myself when adding comments to your blog?

My psychologist would say that Mr. Dumbass has some kind of complex with strange name. His crusade against IntraWeb, for instance, is more than a personal point of view. Not satisfied spreading FUD about Delphi and related products he also attacks the companies and the people behind it, what I find to be unacceptable. Probably someone really hurt Mr. Dumbass and he just can't live with that... Why don't you accept Delphi podcast invitation and tell us who did it to you, Mr. D?

PS: This is my personal point of view about the subject and is not endorsed or has nothing to do with Embarcadero, Atozed or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

The easiest answer to your comment would be "yeah sure. provide me with a working Intraweb Web site first" :)